Vacancy foreign coach Dutch National Ladies team Floorball

Description foreign coach
The foreign coach is part of the staff of the Dutch national ladies team floorball. The team will
regularly play games against Dutch men’s teams. In addition, we want to go abroad for training
camps twice a year. For these camps and perhaps also for trainings in the Netherlands during
international weekends, we are looking for a coach with established experience from a high ranking
floorball league. This coach supports us to get to a higher level individually and as a team by giving
training during these camps (and weekends). Moreover, this trainer shall act as a head coach at
training games against women at the camp location. The foreign coach is in regular contact with the
coach in the Netherlands and with the team’s players board. This person is willing to accompany us
until the WFC in 2019 and is motivated to work with us on the design of the preparation mode for
next season. This could include a function a position as head coach.

Jobs of the coach abroad

The foreign coach gives training at the training camps abroad:
• Provides training during the training camps;
• Gives feedback to individual players;
• Gives feedback to the team as a whole;
• Provides input with which we can work at home;
• Is willing to provide feedback on video material from games played in the Netherlands.

The foreign coach has the lead in friendly games abroad:
• Makes the line-up for the friendly games with input from the Dutch coach;
• Makes decisions during these games;
• Makes a game plan which supports our development;
• Holds briefings and debriefings.

The foreign coach supports the development of the players and the team as a whole:
• Supports players in all aspects (technically, tactically, physically, mentally);
• Shows interest in the team and is available for feedback over the whole year.
• Is actively involved in the process;
• Supports the Dutch coach when needed.

Interested? Send your letter of motivation and your (floorball)cv before September 1st to If you have questions you can send them to the before named email


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