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Our Floorball Story: From Good to Great

4 Nationscup, 2013
Our team story has not a unique storyline, but we want to share our inspiration, our motivation & our dedication to reach the best possible result with the limited resources we have. We could tell you about the many difficulties our team has encountered recent months, but that is not the story we want to share.
We want to tell about the things we do have, things that keeps us going, things that keeps us focused on reaching our goals.

                                                       We are inspired…

The Dutch Crowd WFC2011, Switzerland

Something good happened in our heads and hearts during the World Floorball Championships 2011 in Switzerland. Walking on the Gerflor…feeling the heat of the fire cannons…hearing the cheering crowds… For the team, that was a unique experience. On that main court, we played against the best floorball players in the world. We lost big time, but who cared?

That WFC, we ended on the 13th place, our best result until now.

We wanted more. But we failed to reach the WFC in 2013. Big disappointment, but we cannot give up. We just were not good enough then, now we want to be better in 2015.


                                                       We are motivated…

Our team against the best floorball players of the world. WFC2011

In our dreams, we play every weekend against World’s best floorball girls. Since that is not happening for at least some years from now, we focus on reaching parts of that dream. Some girls of our team visited the best floorball clubs to get a glimpse of what our Dutch floorball competition could be like in 15 years from now (if we work hard). Because of the experiences abroad and the WFC’s we know where we need to work on as a floorball nation. As national team players we want to contribute to the development of youthly players so they will stick to the sport and reach a high level of play.

Pay it forward, that’s what we want to do. That is one of the reasons why we need to qualify for the WFC 2015. We need the attention from press, sponsors (also small ones) and the Dutch crowd to build the foundations for the next generation. We are convinced that floorball is going to be huge in the Netherlands.


                                                        We are dedicated…

We inspire the kids to play sports and keep the sport growing

When you are part of the Dutch national ladies team, you are a very sportive person and you will always push harder to get the best out of yourself. But besides being a tough cookie, you are also a spokesperson, fundraiser, creative director, head of social media, etc. We keep the finances low by getting the best out of our limited resources. Our preparation for the WFCQ2015 is far from the preparations of top countries, but we work our ass off!

We are grateful for the help we get from the people who believe in our team.

Of course, we do not know if we are going to reach our goal and make it to the final round. What we do know is that wearing our nation’s color Orange makes us proud, because we are the only national floorball team that can wear that color.

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